Things to do in a microwave #5: Microwave a lightbulb

February 1, 2009

Everybody’s favorite — microwaving a lightbulb.  Pretty! At least two posts suggest that if you put the bulb in a mug of water (with the bulb part sticking up) then it won’t explode.  I believe that’s because the water acts as a dump for the microwave energy, keeping the bulb from heating up out of […]

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Some fine questions about the nature of light

August 9, 2008

A teacher on a teachers’ listserv asked some fine questions about the nature of light. Here are her questions, and my answers. 1) If light is energy that is emitted by accelerating electric charges – often electrons in atoms – how do teachers explain the fact that light moves through a vacuum? [[Post edited 6/15/10, […]

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