Classroom activities on the atmosphere

November 23, 2010

Teaching about the atmosphere?  Here are a few ideas for the classroom. Activities about the atmosphere are particularly well suited for talking about air pressure, since air pressure is essentially the weight of the atmosphere pushing down on us.  At the Exploratorium we had a couple of really great activities to get at this idea. […]

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What happens to air in your lungs at altitude?

October 10, 2009

Here’s a provocative question about the atmosphere, from one of those most curious citizens of the world — 6th graders. “At sea level you take a breath and fill a sandwich bag with it easily.  On Mt Everest, not using bottled air, could you do the same thing? I guess the question is “How full […]

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Hands-on Science Sunday: Atmosphere model

May 17, 2009

I’m going to try posting a regular feature here on sciencegeekgirl — Hands-on Science Sunday.  I figure, if I were a teacher, Sunday might be the day I’d appreciate getting an idea of a science classroom activity.  So, here you go.   Why do it? This is a good activity to help your students visualize […]

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