New videos on undergraduate biology instruction

by Stephanie Chasteen on May 20, 2014

I’m happy to share the news about a new set of Creative Commons videos on undergraduate instruction — the Scientific Teaching series from iBiology:  These videos are all Creative Commons licensed so you can use them in your workshops, etc.  They have a newsletter you can sign up on to find out about new releases, as well as register as an educator to get access to instructional resources.  From their informational email:

The Scientific Teaching Series project was developed by iBiology to provide undergraduate biology faculty with the tools to design and implement a student-centered curriculum using evidence-based pedagogy. Course Directors Malcolm Campbell (Davidson College), Kimberly Tanner (San Francisco State University) and Bill Wood (University of Colorado Boulder) designed the first module of the series on Active Learning. Dozens of undergraduate instructors from a range of institutions and from different initiatives participated in the project and shared their experience and classroom footage.

This series of short videos was developed for graduate students, postdocs and new instructors who have little or no teaching experience, as well as for experienced educators who have limited access to training opportunities in scientific teaching, or may be unaware of AAAS and NSF’s call for transforming undergraduate biology education.



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