George Washington U. clicker workshop – Dec 10th

by Stephanie Chasteen on December 10, 2013

I am giving a workshop at George Washington University on the effective use of clickers, along with my wonderful colleague Stefanie Mollborn from Sociology.  This is a four-part half-day workshop, including information on facilitation, question writing, and tips for success.

Do you want to learn how to use clickers – or any student voting technique – effectively?  Or, are you new to clickers, or already using them and looking for ideas for improvement?  Then this workshop is for you.  In this interactive workshop, we will help you learn the essential features of using clickers to facilitate student discussion, best practices in effective facilitation of clickers in the classroom, and how to write great clicker questions that engage students and help them learn.  Facilitated by a physicist and a sociologist, the workshop will be cross-disciplinary, featuring examples from the Sciences, Arts, Humanities, and the Social Sciences.

Below is the workshop outline and slides.  After part 2, we broke into disciplinary groups, with Chasteen (me) facilitation the natural sciences, and Mollborn facilitating social sciences and humanities.  Mollborn and Chasteen slides are very similar.


  1. Introduction and overview  (slides-intro)
  2. Effective facilitation (slides-facilitation)
  3. Writing great clicker questions (slides-Mollborn)
  4. Advanced topics (slides – Chasteen)  (slides-Chasteen)

Here is aHzip file of all handouts, including a folder of additional resources.

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