PhET Simulations: Now on tablets! And a new logo!

by Stephanie Chasteen on August 21, 2013

Two big announcements from the PhET Interactive Simulations project!

HTML5_logo_and_wordmark.svgNew!  Now for touch screens!

First, PhET has been working their techie little butts off for quite a while to port their simulations over to HTML5.  No, I didn’t know what HTML5 was before this project started either.  It doesn’t really matter except that (a) it’s a lot of work to translate an entire simulation and all the previously written code to a new HTML language, and (b) HTML5 allows the simulations to work on touch screens such as iPhones and tablets.  I ran a simulation on my iPhone for the first time today!  Pretty spiffy.  Here is their HTML5 video splash page.

Below is a video that I produced for the effort (with the expert editing of my wonderful editor, Shawna Schultz of Mass FX Media).



New logo!

You might notice the fancy new logo.  It’s whimsical, dynamic, and energetic; it really says “PhET” to me.




For comparison here is the old logo.

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