Science puzzles to kill time…

by Stephanie Chasteen on December 17, 2012

Here is a useful tidbit from a teachers’ listserv. Oftentimes in class you finish a topic early and there’s not enough time to start a new topic and you don’t have any extra credit planned. So, what are some good science puzzles you can pull out of your pocket? Several veterans responded with their favorites. Several of these are fun not just for kids, but for us geeks too!

For High School physics I like Richard Berg’s Physics question of the week

For middle school I like Paul Hewitt’s “Next Time Questions” which students are meant to take home and ponder overnight. They are also available as a book if your school uses conceptual physics texts.

I also like Lewis Carrol Epstein’s book Thinking Physics which is a lot like Hewitt’s questions but they are interestingly sequenced for, in my opinion, better learning.

I stumbled upon these paper polyhedra which have great printable pdf’s. Now i’ve got a stack of different polyhedra printed out and can give one or two to a student with some tape and scissors and they’re good! They can even decorate before cutting.

Any other suggestions anyone?

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