Teaching faculty about effective use of #clickers

by Stephanie Chasteen on August 8, 2012

Tomorrow I’m giving a free webinar on teaching faculty about effective clicker use.  This is an updated version of this presentation, where I share the tips and techniques that have worked for me while doing professional development for faculty in multiple disciplines.  What are some good ways to show what peer instruction is, to elicit their questions and concerns, and to have them practice?  After all, in physics, only about half of faculty use peer instruction for more than a semester.  And yet the research shows that it is such an effective learning tool.  What goes wrong?

Register here:  http://www.iclicker.com/newsandevents/events/
(You can also see the Fall webinar line-up, which includes many other great speakers)

Note that I am available for-hire to do webinars and workshops (virtual or in-person) on clickers, learning goals, and effective instruction.  Just contact me.

Here are my slides and some useful resources

  1. My last clicker workshop  slides and handouts are here.  Here is a modifiable version of those handouts.
  2. An timeline outline of my last workshop (2 hours)
  3. Our workshop materials page (needs to be updated) is here.  Includes example questions and several handout examples.
  4. Our videos on clickers are at http://STEMvideos.colorado.edu
  5. Our free downloadable instructor’s guide for clickers, plus relevant research and question banks for the sciences are at http://STEMclickers.colorado.edu

Workshop slides from this presentation:


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