Make Clickers Work for You: Workshop at COLTT

by Stephanie Chasteen on August 1, 2012

I’m presenting a workshop at COLTT (the Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology) conference this week, and am uploading my handouts and PPT here for attendees (and anyone else interested).

Clickers can make teaching more effective and fun, but how does a teacher best use clickers in the class?  In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore research-based ideas for questioning to achieve student engagement and deep learning. We will focus on the use of “peer instruction” in which students discuss challenging questions. We’ll compare example questions, practice writing questions, discuss common challenges, and share tips on getting students to productively reason through them.  No software needed.

Here are the handouts:

  1. COLTT-handouts
  2. Bloom’s_Taxonomy
  3. Tips-for-successful-clicker-use


Here are the slides:

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