Get the latest on education research, on your own time: Learning About Teaching Physics audio podcast

by Stephanie Chasteen on May 23, 2012

I’m pleased to be able to announce the official release of an audio podcast on education research, geared towards K12 and college teachers.  (I’ve been putting together Learning About Teaching Physics for the past year, but technical issues delayed launch this winter.)  This is intended to be a short, accessible, and well-produced way to learn more about findings from education research, on your own time.  There are three episodes posted, and one more to be released next month (on creating a Time for Telling in the classroom).  While the theme is physics education research, these topics are really relevant for all STEM classrooms.  Below is the description.  Please spread the word!  Also note the survey at the top of the page – I’m very interested in your feedback.

Online at the Physics Education Research User’s Guide, and you can subscribe through iTunes too.:

Nuggets from the education research that you can use in class tomorrow
We’re getting the physics education research out of those stuffy journals and into your hands (or, rather, ears) with this little audio podcast. Co-hosted by veteran high school physics teacher Michael Fuchs and physicist and education researcher Stephanie Chasteen, each episode investigates a piece of the research literature and how it can relate to your classroom.  Relevant for K12 and college instruction.

This podcast is supported by a grant from the American Association of Physics Teachers (Physics Education Research Topical Group) and supported by the University of Colorado’s Science Education Initiative, the Physics Education Research Group at the University of Colorado and sciencegeekgirl enterprises.

I’d appreciate help spreading the word!  You can send out this announcement, and you can download our Marketing Flyer (PDF).

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Labenga May 25, 2012 at 10:15 pm

Congratulations on your audio podcast! I’ll definitely will check it out on iTune.

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