Recent talk by Carl Wieman: How people learn

by Stephanie Chasteen on March 7, 2012

My old boss Carl Wieman (now in the White House office of science and technology) recently gave a talk at the Optical Society for America on Transforming STEM Education:  A Scientific Approach to Teaching and Learning.

It has a nice side-by-side of video and slides.  Dr. Wieman discusses his personal motivation for investigating how people learn, which was noticing that his graduate students came in very poorly prepared after 17 years of coursework, but after 4 years became expert physicists.  Why is that?  Is a 17-year incubation period required before the “butterfly” of an expert physicist is ready to emerge?  He didn’t think so.  In this talk he outlines:

  • What does it mean to be an expert in science?
  • How is it learned?
  • What is the evidence from classroom studies?

Check it out here.

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