Using clickers with experiments and demos

by Stephanie Chasteen on February 13, 2012

I wanted to point readers of the blog to a post that I did over at my other blogging gig, The Active Class, on using clickers with experiments and demos.

From the blog post:

Clickers are great ways to involve your class in what they’re learning.  I want to write about one type of clicker question that is particularly adept at enabling whole-class inquiry:  Clicker questions that engage students in an experiment or demonstration.  There are a few ways to do this, some which I find extraordinarily clever.

I describe using clickers in a few ways, with some salient examples:

  1. Using clickers to predict the outcome of an experiment
  2. Using clickers as an interactive lecture demonstration
  3. Clicker questions based off simulations / clicker questions where students generate graphs or other predictions
  4. Use clickers for real-time experiments on the students
  5. Use clickers to gather real-time data that students perform

Check out the post for more.

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