Handouts for January 4th Webinar: Make Clickers Work for You

by Stephanie Chasteen on January 4, 2012

I’m giving a webinar today to what is shaping up to be a huge group (over 400 registrants, a record for me!)  This is my introduction to clickers and peer instruction talk, “Make Clickers Work for You“.  I also do workshops on writing clicker questions and effective facilitation techniques, but this webinar is my quick all-in-one overview.

I’ll post the recording later — you can always find materials on my past workshops and webinars on the “Presentations” tab, above.

There are two downloads – the handouts and the slides  If those links don’t work for any reason you can get also get those at theactiveclass.com.


You can also download the Instructor’s Guide to the Effective Use of Clickers, created by my group, for free at our resource page:  http://STEMclickers.colorado.edu.  Materials from our past workshops are there too, as well as outline materials you can use for your own clicker workshops.

And I’m always interested in giving workshops for faculty and K12 teachers on the use of clickers (as well as writing and using learning goals).  I have upcoming travel to the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Chicago.  If you would like to invite me to your institution on one of those trips, or bring me out for a special event, just contact me .

Feel free to post questions or comments about the webinar in the comments section!

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