Adopt, Adapt or Abandon? Instructors’ Decisions to Use Research-Based Materials (#AAPTsm11)

by Stephanie Chasteen on August 3, 2011

Just gave my 10-minute talk at AAPT on my work examining the sustainability of our course transformation efforts in junior E&M.

Physics education researchers often develop materials for classroom use. Instructors then choose which of those materials they would like to implement. We present a case study of University of Colorado’s transformed junior E&M course. After the transformation work in Sp/Fa 2008, 4 subsequent instructors of this course decided which materials – such as tutorials, clicker questions, or use of documented student difficulties – to use. Based on detailed interviews of those instructors, we examine what was and was not sustained, and discuss aspects of the course materials that enabled sustainability across instructors. We also present examples of less successful implementation that provide useful feedback on the use of PER-based resources – both for educational researchers and for the instructors making use of these instructional techniques.

Below is the slideshare.  Attached is my PERC 2011 paper on this work


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