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by Stephanie Chasteen on April 28, 2011

To go off the earlier post about beautiful data, here are some gorgeous images from the scientific realm.

When you finish a tough day of scanning brains, you want to spend your free time doing something different, right?  Like scanning fruit?  Andrew Ellison (Boston University School of Medicine) spends his evenings scanning fruits and vegetables (according to Science, 18 Feb. 2011).  Just how much hospital costs are incurred by the scans, they don’t say.  But still, the images are quite stunning, especially since you get a view through several layers,  getting a ghostly 3D image that unfolds over time as the scan progresses through the fruit.  Strawberries and raspberries seem to bloom out of the darkness, and bamboo moves like a ghostly amoeba.  Below is one frame from the persimmon.  You can see his scans at his Insideinsides blog.

Also, a bit old news, but still of interst — the 2010 Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge (sponsored by Science and the NSF) results were posted a few months ago.  Check out the website to see the winners and the runners-up, or this site has a quick run-down of all the winners.  Below is pictured a gene map — a sort of social-networking map of how genes are interconnected in their functions.

AraNet: A Genome-wide Gene Function Association Network for Arabidopsis thaliana Insuk Lee ? Michael Ahn Edward Marcotte ? Seung Yon Rhee Carnegie Institution for Science

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