Geeky Treats #4: Freezing food is cool

by Stephanie Chasteen on December 9, 2010

Got liquid nitrogen?  Apparently you can have an awful lot of fun with it.  I heard secondhand about a party at the Exploratorium where treats like candy, caramel corn, and whipped cream were dipped in liquid nitrogen to make a flash-frozen dessert.  One of the favorites was to take a ladle of whipped cream and dip it into liquid nitrogen.  For an extra treat?  Put a blackberry in the middle before dipping it into the nitrogen.  Flash freezing creates a different taste sensation because the food freezes so quickly that the water freezes without having time to form large ice crystals, so you get a very smooth frozen confection.  Another idea I heard was to cut Twinkies into bits and drop them very briefly into the nitrogen (since the shortcake absorbs the nitrogen very quickly).  Tastes great, and you can make dragon smoke out your nose.

Here is a short vid of my old colleague Eric Muller dipping whipped cream into liquid nitrogen:

Here’s one of many YouTube videos from chefs using liquid nitrogen in interesting ways:

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Paul Doherty December 10, 2010 at 6:08 pm

Hi Steph

This is a video we showed at the 2010 Teacher Institute Film Festival.

It was the one video that inspired our hands-on activity during intermission. We made liquid nitrogen popcorn and liquid nitrogen frozen whipped cream balls.

Here is the video of Eric doing it.

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