Web 2.0 in the classroom (#ISTE10)

by Stephanie Chasteen on July 4, 2010

I wanted to let you know about a blog post that I recently created over at The Active Class, on the use of blogs and wikis in K12 classrooms. There are some nice summaries of one small research study that looked at what worked (and what didn’t) in teachers’ uses of these tools, with some general themes and best practices. This is part of a series of posts from my attendance at the tech ed conference ISTE.

Here is an excerpt:

These examples were successful because they were authentic and had a clear objective — a final project, or sharing of information for future assignments. One failed project is noteworthy — the teacher asked students to create a wiki about skin diseases, with each student covering a different disease. Students did not engage in any discussions on this project, because there was no real reason for them to care about reading, and commenting, on each others’ posts. Similarly, individual student blogs were not very successful, in part due to logistics of maintaining many separate blogs and commenting structures, but also there was little incentive for students to participate in the discussion.

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