Remote sensing…. it’s just like being there

by Stephanie Chasteen on April 2, 2010

For those who don’t know what “remote sensing” means, that probably sounds like a much sexier title than it really is. “Remote sensing” refers to getting data from instruments from afar, or remotely. The ability to collect data via satellite or cellular connection was an important step in being able to gather information from remote regions (such as the arctic, for example), or dangerous regions (like minefields). The polar regions are a particularly sensitive area to climate change, and so it’s very important to study, say, how the ice pack is melting or how the oceans are responding over time. But they’re not very hospitable regions. So you have to collect your data remotely. It’s kind of cool. You can look on a website and see the data, in real time, on the temperature and salinity of the arctic ocean.

I got to create a short video on this subject for the Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears webzine this month — a lot of fun. See it below.

You can see the blog post about this video podcast, and other parts of this issue of Beyond Penguins and Polar bears on their blog.

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