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by Stephanie Chasteen on January 29, 2010

Here’s a list o’ lists, a compilation of compilations, all sorts of science geek resources that you might find helpful!

First, here’s a list of blogs about women and science (mine made the list, woo-hoo!).  This is a nice little list with descriptions of each of the blogs and their perspective (from Under the Microscope, via the Feminist Press)

Top 10 viewed science videos from Biocompare. They say: From an 80’s hair metal power ballad about electrical impedance-based cell monitoring systems to a “disco hit” on PCR reagents, you can have a laugh and learn.  Who says science can’t be fun?

100 Killer iTTunes Feeds for Serious Science Geeks. If you’ve got a penchant for getting your science education via podcast, here’s a list to browse (from Online Colleges)

Top 200 Education Blogs. If there’s something you’re looking for, there must be something on that extensive of a list (from the Guide to Online Schools)

Best Open Science Courses on the web.   (From Online Colleges)  and similarly, Free Online Courses.  A collection of courses in just about every subject imaginable from MIT, Yale, Berkele, etc.  (From Guide to Online Schools)

Geek on.

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