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by Stephanie Chasteen on November 10, 2009

I feel like I keep posting these, I should compile them.

Currki :  Currki, an open source website for educational materials k-12 has over 80,000 members who are educators and teachers.

TeacherTube TeacherTube is a video sharing website based on YouTube. It is designed to allow those in the educational industry, particularly teachers, to share educational resources. To dates TeacherTube has 380,000+ members.

Next Vista Learning Next Vista is an  online library of free videos for learners everywhere. believes learning is stronger with teachers and students from all over the world contributing content. They have a membership of 6,000 contributors.

Watch Know: A collection of some of the best free educational videos made for children, findable and watchable on one website. Lots of wonderful videos on science, compiled from multiple sources.

Meet me at the Corner ( is a series of videos for children in the form of a video podcast.  Each video is linked to fun websites and a Learning Corner of questions and extended activities.  New episodes are uploaded every two weeks.  The author says:

Take a look at the new virtual field trip to Divide, Colorado to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. Our young host Amanda learns about reestablishing the wolf population in the southwest and hears the howl of a wolf pack

Free Documentaries allows you to stream documentaries, for free.  Here’s a short article about it from a school librarian, Joyce Valenza.

NASA’s educational search engine allows you to browse for videos and other educational content.  (Another tip of the hat to Joyce Valenza for this one).

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And here is a useful article by Joyce Valenza about a tool for
(a) showing shorter clips of YouTube videos without editing software
(b) Showing YouTube videos without showing user comments or links to other videos (which may not be appropriate for the classroom)

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