Adopt a Physicist needs more physicists!

by Stephanie Chasteen on October 1, 2009

While there are usually fewer spots than physicists interested in filling them, for once, Adopt a Physicist needs more physicists to step up to the plate! Registration is open through October 4th (this Sunday). Details are below. I’ve done this several years in a row and it’s pretty fun!

Help high school students explore what it’s really like to be a physicist – consider participating in Adopt-a-Physicist! In this program, people with physics degrees (at any level) are “adopted” by high school classes interested in finding out about the careers, educational backgrounds, and lives of real physicists.

Physicists are responsible for creating a profile (takes 10-20 minutes) and hosting one online discussion forum for a 3-week period (estimated to take 2-4 hours per week). All communication will take place on the forum Oct. 12-30.

Registration will remain open until October 4th. For more information and to register, visit . Please direct any questions to Kendra Rand,

Physicists in traditional careers AND “hidden physicists” welcome!

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