The podcast is dead. Long live the podcast!

by Stephanie Chasteen on March 30, 2009

What an appropriate title.  I am posting the very last episode of my Science Teaching Tips podcast on Podomatic, and at the same time it has been given new life over at the Exploratorium Teacher Institute website!

The last Podomatic podcast episode is here:  The World’s Cheapest Electroscope.

Dying to know whether something’s positively or negatively charged?  TI staff educator Modesto Tamez explains an easy – and dirt cheap – way to probe the electric charge of the world.

Visit the new beautiful webhome of the series. Go check it out, and subscribe to get each new podcast episode — full of the accumulated wisdom of the wonderfully creative folks over at the Exploratorium’s Teacher Institute (where I had the honor and delight of working for about 2 years).

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