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by Stephanie Chasteen on March 3, 2009

I was talking to another science communicator recently about how frustrating it is that if we’d spent the last 10 years focused on one thing, we’d be all set for getting some really interesting high-level job. Instead, we’re both Jacks (well, Jills) – of-all-trades. That’s not a bad thing, I have some incredible experiences (psychology, physics, Peace Corps, NPR, science museums, education). But still, there is some level of wistfulness. I always referred to my internship at NPR as the “best job I’ll never have.”

Well, they just posted the other best job that I’ll never have. (Not enough radio experience, total lack of desire to live in DC).

National Public Radio seeks a Producer to produce science stories — such as those on the environment and space exploration — blog posts and multimedia content for, as well as some stories on health care. The position also collaborates with staff to edit audio and
video, create galleries and slideshows, and produce flash-based interactives, and engages with NPR community using social media tools.

The position requires a Bachelor’s degree with coursework in science or medicine helpful. Candidates should have a minimum of five years in news, preferably covering science issues. Additional requirements include strong production skills, at least some full-time experience in online news, familiarity with a variety of computer systems and software applications, including PhotoShop, Final Cut and Flash, and the ability to adapt to changes in equipment, software and workflow. Candidates must have demonstrated excellence as a visual storyteller, excellence in written and oral communication skills..

Please apply online at Questions may be submitted to

Doesn’t that sound like a delight?

I’m wondering if this is a new position, or if they’re replacing someone.  I notice that David Kestenbaum has moved over to Planet Money. Is this David’s job?  David could read the phone book and I’d listen with rapt attention.  I’ve got some funny stories about NPR and how they do their voicing…  maybe another day (or maybe here, if you bug me for it…)!


Lara Robinson March 6, 2009 at 3:36 pm

I can totally hear the wistfulness in your voice; the job DOES sound perfect for you. Except that you’re here, not there, and that’s okay too.

Now that you brought it up, I would LOVE to know how NPR does their voicing. I love listening to it, and had never heard a voice that grated on me until yesterday. It was a female voice that was so nasaly I almost had to change the station. I didn’t, because I was so interested in the content, but her voice was a total turn-off.

sciencegeekgirl March 8, 2009 at 7:55 pm

I’ll post more information about how NPR does their voicing in a separate post, Lara!

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