Embargoes and an overinflated sense of self-importance

by Stephanie Chasteen on February 14, 2009

Session:  Eugenia Etkina - Pedagogical Content Knowledge

There’s something quietly thrilling about going to an embargoed news conference.  Even if it’s no huge shakes in the grand scheme of things (this one was on new research on the science of kissing!), there’s just this fun sense that you know something that the rest of the world isn’t allowed to know yet.  Of course, the reality of it is pretty mundane — a roomful of reporters taking notes and researchers giving quick pithy summaries of years of work.  Still,  I like being part of the newsroom at AAAS meetings – there’s this sense that exciting things are happening.  Even if they’re not.  Which they’re generally not.  At least at AAAS.  It’s a wonderful meeting, but mostly for broad survey talks, not breaking news.  Still, there is nothing quite like walking from a talk on the disappearance of ocean ice across the hall to one on Science Café’s in Europe, and then to George Smoot talking about the history and fate of the universe.  If you’re interested in following some of the news from AAAS, visit http://www.news.aaas.org.

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