Bloggers unite at AAPT!

by Stephanie Chasteen on February 14, 2009

Session:  Eugenia Etkina - Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Session: Eugenia Etkina - Pedagogical Content Knowledge

On a totally random note, I had my first sciencegeekgirl hallway recognition moment, from a faithful reader, Danielle, who writes Urban Science Adventures — a really beautiful blog helping young people explore ecology and environmental science from their backyard.  We tend to think there’s no naturalism to be done in urban environments — not true!  Anyway.  It’s geeky fun to have someone refer to you as “hey, science geek girl!”  Thanks Danielle.

For those geeksters out there, watch for my t-shirt tomorrow.  It’s Valentine’s Day.  I’m a geek.  You may be able to figure it out.

If any bloggers at AAPT would like to meet up, let’s do lunch on Saturday!  Meet at 12:00 outside the Aculpulco Room, Gold Level, West Tower.  There is a newsroom message board where you can leave us a message.  (I know you’re not newspeople, most likely, but I am, so it counts!)

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