Infrared heat camera (sciencegeekgirl on YouTube)

by Stephanie Chasteen on February 1, 2009

OK, I’ve been posting everybody else’s YouTube videos, so what about METube? After all, it’s all about me.

Here is my YouTube debut, talking about infrared light as part of a full-length webcast on climate change. This was totally fun, I left Paul D. back at the webcast studio and ran off-stage, across the museum to the infrared heat camera exhibit, where a museum person had kept visitors away from the exhibit for me. I was wearing headphones so I could hear what Paul was saying (and, confusingly, all the webcast film crew as well, off-air). There is, cleverly, a video feed from the heat camera to the webcast studio, so my image in infrared was piped directly to the webcast. But what was oddest, of course, is that I was just sitting at an exhibit in the middle of the museum, talking to nobody (there’s not even a camera in front of me), watching my image in the infrared while I try to explain about infrared (made a key mistake, can you catch it?).

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