How do I teach physics?

by Stephanie Chasteen on December 30, 2008

I finally just checked out the Pathways Project, which provides pre-recorded video answers to your questions about how to teach physics.  Color me impressed.  I chose a teacher from the drop-down menu and asked a question — in my case, “How do I teach electrostatics?”   I was told that my chosen teacher (Paul Hewitt) didn’t have a pre-recorded answer, but two other teachers did.  I was treated to a detailed discussion by Chuck Lang (about 3 minutes) on how he presents electrostatics to his students.  I was also given a choice to ask related questions (“Should I teach electrostatics?”, “How can I use computers to teach electrostatics?”), as well as to ask similar questions from Compadre (the online digital archive of all things physics-education-related).  What a great way to get mentoring from experienced teachers who I haven’t even met!

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