Beautiful slime molds

by Stephanie Chasteen on October 2, 2008

Several amazing photos of slime mold. Gorgeous!

Hemitrichia calyculata

Hemitrichia calyculata

Slime and mold are two words guaranteed to send a shiver down many a spine. However, plasmodial slime molds, fungus – like organisms with about eight hundred and fifty species worldwide – possess a strange beauty that you might not expect. Come and take a look at a few, thanks to some exquisite macro photography. You may never look at slime mold in the same light again.

via Swans on Tea

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Anne October 2, 2008 at 4:26 pm

The thing I love about slime molds is that they live much of their lives as independent cells that, when the conditions are right, somehow know how to migrate together and reproduce. Cool.

Had one in our bathroom once when I was a kid. It was pretty amazing.

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